Beer Pong

DISCLAIMER: This "team building exercise" is in no way endorsed by TESSCO.



  • Uncle Sam Beer PongFirst shot will be determined by coin toss
  • Each player on the shooting team will shoot one ball per cycle, unless both shots are made, in which case said team will shoot again.
  • BOUNCES are not permitted at anytime
  • No "Cup in Hand" shots (game ending shots into opponents drinking cup)
  • All Shots will be made from behind a designated shot line
  • Knocked over cups, by either ball or mistake, will count


  • One re-rack per team, per game. Reracks can only be taken at beginning of teams shot cycles. Reracks may not be taken mid-turn. Mid-Turn is defined as the full duration of a teams shot cycle, including if both shots are made and the shooting team gets the balls back.

End Game:

(additional shots will not be granted if both shots are made and one or both of the shots goes in final cup.)

  • If the last cup is made by both teammates in consecutive shots the game is over. If the last cup is made by only one person on the shooting team, the other team will shoot until they miss. If all cups are made, the game goes to overtime. If the last cup is hit twice then said team will have first shot in overtime.
  • All overtimes will be 3 cup triangle formation. No new re-racks will be given.
  • Above procedure will continue until there is a winner.

***Burch and Dan will have final ruling on any and all disputes of the game, unless said person is playing in that game, in which case whoever is not playing will have final ruling.***