Stewie Masterson


From a moderate beginning Stewie was brought
into this world.

Before he lost his kitten hair he was sold into a life of servitude.
Ripped from his family he was shipped to America.

This was better than he could have ever imagined. Quickly signed by Fancy Feast, Stewie rapidly became the most desirable cat in Hollywood. For a few hours of work Stewie was banking 3.5 million and that was just the beginning. It was common to see Stewie spend hours a day shopping on chic Rodeo Drive, buying properties in the most exclusive parts of France and Spain.

It was believed the Stewie craze would never stop, but as the expression goes, all good things must come to an end. After mounting gambling debts and several bad investments Stewie found himself where he started, penniless and without a job.

To cover debt with his bookie Stewie was forced to sacrifice his morals and do a magazine spot for Philip Morris.

Stewie Penniless

Stewie Penniless
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